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In the region of Emilia-Romagna of Italy in the lower valley, the farming tradition of killing the pig during winter months to make salumi have deep roots, providing food for the family. From this tradition the Bartoli Family decided to create in 1973 the Charcuterie BBS, converting their passion into a profession. The essential characteristic of the Bartoli porks production is the "in house" slaughtering which allows them to carefully select the best pigs for their meat; Small breeding groups of pigs are chosen because they have been grazed in the traditional way. A particular attention is paid  to the preparation of the meat; avoiding animal stress and better control of the production chain from live animals to delicacy products, nothing compare to the standard set by the industrial production. We do successfully produce several salumi typical of the area such as the salami, coppa, pancetta including cooked charcuterie like the coppa di testa(brawn) and pork scratching. Most part of the pig is used and nothing is wasted, prepared like in ancient times in rural landscape. The only preparations we do not make are the whole ham and the culatello which are made by specialised companies in the Parma region.


In 2009, we acquired another artisanal family run business historical of the province: the charcuterie Bidinelli de Corregio created by M.Dario Bidinelli in 1949, the company has been always focusing on quality products specialized in the production of mortadella, the company is renowned and appreciated in most of the country. From the union of these 2 resources the charcuterie BBS can offer today a large selection of artisanal made salumi, paying special attention to the quality and the tradition.


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